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The key to repairing damaged hair

repairing damaged hairMany clients come in with dry, damaged hair asking me what they can do to repair dull, lifeless locks.

There is no secret formula to this problem just a few simple tips that need to be introduced into your regular hair care routine. I have highlighted some key points below to help you with tackle your damaged hair.



Top Tips for Repairing Damaged Hair

This recent article by Natulique is every hairdressers bible when it comes to advising clients on damage repair, and the points I have listed below echo the advice in the article.

  • Maintenance– Cutting your hair even if it’s just a trim on a regular basis is vital to ensuring your hair looks healthy. Removing those split ends will improve the condition of your hair making it look and feel better overall.
  • Styling- Overstyling and hot styling will cause damage to your hair over a prolonged period of time. Either reduce or avoid exposing your hair to high levels of heat through using heated styling tools. Always use a heat protection spray, serum or cream to coat the hair before you apply heat.
  • Diet- There certainly appears to be a potential link between diet and hair condition. Perhaps it’s time to research how to get those all important vitamins and nutrients to improve hair health. There is plenty of helpful advice online to get you started.
  • Product- The use of  natural, organic hair products is starting to appear more frequently in the world of hairdressing. Having used Natulique in the salon, my clients have experienced the difference between organic versus chemical. The removal of harsh chemicals especially when it comes to colouring hair has proven to be a big hit. Clients have commented on how much nicer the product is, with no pungent smell whilst still maintaining excellent long-lasting, vibrant results.

Once you get started with your new haircare routine you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

If you would like more advice on looking after your hair, information about any of the products we use or to book your next appointment then please get in touch.